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Our practice continues to grow through referrals from our patients, and we are grateful for that.  
The following are several of our patients' testimonials:

Phil 3 –“I have suffered from severe, year round allergies for close to 35 years, including bouts with asthma during colder weather. I took three to four medications daily, including Nasonex, Allegra, Singulair, Claritan, among others, yet still I suffered from congestion and other allergy symptoms. I went to Nan Yi this summer and had my first experience with acupuncture not knowing if acupuncture would have any effect. After about one month of weekly treatments, some of my symptoms began to slowly subside, thus I discontinuing taking one prescription. Each week thereafter I stopped taking all medications, as my allergy symptoms continued to disappear. After two months or so of weekly visits, Nan Yi treated me every other week; after that short cycle, I returned another time one month later. To date, I have shown no allergy and asthma symptoms whatsoever even as the temperature has dropped and I have not needed a return visit in quite some time. I can imagine that I may require a treatment every so often, but I can consider my allergies cured and no longer have to take any allergy medication. For someone who had never experienced acupuncture before, I am a true believer in both the practice and more specifically in Nan Yi.”

Anxiety & Emotions
Bealeedalton –“Wonderful Experience!  I went to Nan Yi for help with acute anxiety that was not responding to other treatments.  It was my first experience with acupuncture and from the moment I walked into Nan Yi’s office, I knew that I was in good hands.  She listened intently as I described my symptoms, asked many questions about my condition and explained the treatment course...and the treatment has been very effective.  After the first session, I felt a degree of calm that I hadn’t experienced for weeks prior! I thoroughly recommend Nan Yi to anyone who is seeking healing of the mind and body”. 

Body Pain
Annac98 –“Saved my back!  I came to Nan Yi after experiencing some serious back pain after pregnancy.  My sacroiliac joint was inflamed and was causing shooting pains to go down my left leg.  By the time I went to her, I could hardly walk, let alone take care of my baby.  I had never done acupuncture before but I was willing to try anything, and my experience with Nan Yi was very good.  The first time I went, I initially felt worse, but within 24 hours my back felt so much better.  After 45 sessions over the course of a few weeks, my back was vastly improved, and I am virtually pain free now”. 

GI & Energy Issues
Mary Horowitz  – “I have been a patient of Nan Yi for about 2 1/2 years, and she has helped me tremendously with back pain, knee and neck issues, and thyroid and digestive issues.  She’s not the first acupuncturist I’ve visited, but she is far and away the best.  Several friends and acquaintances of mine see her also, and give consistently excellent reports of the efficacy of her help and the soothing, relaxing experience of being treated by Nan Yi.  She is absolutely professional and competent, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who has health care needs.  I have found her treatments more effective than much of the western medicine I’ve tried, and the experience is completely different.  She listens carefully and treats not just the symptoms, but also the cause of the problem.  I am always pleased with the results”.

Women's Issues
KK NYC  – “Nan Yi is the best.  When I wanted to get pregnant, I started seeing an acupuncturist to help things along.  Not only did it not help, but it made me feel worse about my chances, since I was 38 at the time.  I then found Nan Yi.  From the moment I met her, I knew that things would be different.  She was so detailed and positive, that I knew things would work out.  I did get pregnant quickly, however, suffered from a miscarriage shortly after.  Again, Nan Yi, stayed positive and helped me believe and get my cycle back on track.  With my first cycle after the miscarriage, I got pregnant again and just gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl.  Throughout the pregnancy, Nan Yi would help me with the few aches and pain I had (back ache) and kept my immune system strong.  I’ve been pregnant through the flu season and did not have a single sick day throughout my pregnancy, without any flu shots!  I felt strong and healthy and the pregnancy was as easy as could be. When I was due and the baby hadn’t come yet, Nan Yi helped me get things going with a session and exercises and that night I went into labor.  Labor was great, with strong, good contractions and I pushed the baby out in 30 minutes!  The baby and I are as healthy and strong as can be and I know that so much of it was Nan Yi’s care.  I would recommend her to anyone wanting to get pregnant, or being pregnant.  
Thank you Nan Yi for everything!"